Exclusive — Farage Tells Breitbart: ‘I’ve Never in My Life Seen Contempt for Our Politicians Like Today’

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Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said public contempt for the political establishment is at a level he has never seen before, in an exclusive interview on Breitbart News Daily.

“Three years ago, we voted in what was the greatest democratic exercise in the history of the United Kingdom, and do you know what, we voted Brexit,” the veteran campaigner told Breitbart News Network editor in chief Alex Marlow on SiriusXM Patriot.

“We then, the following year, had a General Election in which both the big two parties, Labour and Conservative, said, ‘Vote for us, we will deliver Brexit’ — and now, three years down the road, they have not delivered Brexit,” he continued.

“[Prime Minister Theresa] May then told us, ‘It’s OK, we’re going to leave on the 12th of April.’

“Then we were told we would leave on the 30th of June, and now they tell us it’s the 31st of October — Brexit’s had more dates than a child’s Advent calendar,” he quipped.

“Frankly, I do not believe that this Westminster Parliament, that our career politicians, are ever going to deliver Brexit.”

Mr Farage explained that his answer to this situation, in which a Parliament dominated by Remain voters appears to have arrayed itself in direct opposition to a Leave-voting electorate, was to launch his new Brexit Party, attracting a number of “high-calibre” candidates, some formerly of the Tory Party, some “more on the left of the spectrum”, and some, perhaps crucially, from outside the political bubble, including entrepreneurs, fishing industry leaders, and decorated war veterans.

The first test for the Brexit Party should be the European Parliament elections in May — which Britain is now set to participate in, years after voting to leave the EU, due to Mrs May’s aforementioned postponements of exit day.

“Within the space of three weeks, we’ve taken [this] completely brand new entity, and believe it or not, we are leading in the polls,” Farage reported.

“Something big is happening.”

“I believe that if, over the course of the next month, this momentum is maintained, and if the Brexit Party does top the poll, and in so doing seriously damage the Conservative party and the Labour party… everybody in Westminster will say, ‘Oh my goodness, if we continue on this course, they will come and destroy us in the next general election’,” Farage predicted.

“I’ve never in my life seen contempt for our politicians be at the kind of level that it is today. Both parties are guilty. Both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party have wilfully, wilfully done their best to do down the electorate in our country, and there’s a price to pay [at the ballot box],” he warned.

Farage also related the ongoing struggle for Brexit — which the veteran MEP began fighting more than two decades ago, now — to U.S. President Donald Trump’s ongoing struggle to have the political and media establishment recognise the legitimacy of his leadership.

“Even after the Mueller report says there’s no Russian collusion, still the globalists never give up, do they?” he observed.

“We haven’t just got to beat the globalists once, we’ve got to beat them again, again, and again, because I’m afraid that the truth of it, and what I’ve learned over 25 years, is that if you want liberty, if you want democracy, if you want your nation-state, you’ve got to fight for it continually.”

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