UK: Prosecutors Nail Migrant ‘Slavery’ Ring with Over 400 Victims

Dan Kitwood/Getty

LONDON (AP) – Details about what prosecutors have called one of Britain’s largest-ever modern-day slavery rings have emerged with the convictions of eight people.

Prosecutors say more than 400 victims were forced to work for minuscule wages while their masters earned some 2 million pounds ($2.5 million) and lived a luxurious lifestyle.

The group preyed on the homeless, former convicts and alcoholics in Poland and lured them to Britain with false promises of well-paid work. Some ended up being paid less than $1 for a day’s work.

The ring was broken up by a three-year police investigation.

Five men and three women originally from Poland have been convicted of modern-day slavery offences and money laundering.

Reporting restrictions were lifted Friday, allowing details to be published.

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