Five Migrants Convicted After Filming Gang Rape Of 13-Year-Old

A policewoman patrols over a Christmas market in Salzburg on December 20, 2016, as securit

Five asylum seekers aged between 17 and 22 have been convicted in a court in Austria of raping a 13-year-old girl.

The incident occurred in October of last year and saw the 13-year-old girl meet the five asylum seekers at the central railway station in Graz.

The young men are said to have lured the young teen to an apartment where they gave her alcohol and other substances before making her undress, Kronen Zeitung reports.

The migrants, two of which had already been convicted of drug offences, began to become aggressive and eventually violent when the 13-year-old victim attempted to resist them and each is said to have taken turns raping her.

The entire ordeal was also filmed by one of the migrants on his mobile phone. The phone, along with the footage, was later discovered by police.

All of the defendants were sentenced to several years, with one receiving a seven-year sentence but none of the sentences is final as the asylum seekers have filed an appeal in the case.

The case comes two years after a similar gang rape case in Vienna in which eight Iraqi migrants were convicted for gang-raping a German tourist that occurred on New Year’s Eve.

The incident saw the young woman, who was highly intoxicated, taken to an apartment in the second district of the city and repeatedly raped by men between the ages of 22 and 48, most of them related to each other.

All of the men were sentenced to lengthy prison terms with the highest, a ten-year sentence, handed down to a 27-year-old.

Neighbouring Germany has also seen a number of gang rape cases involving migrants since the height of the migrant crisis in 2015. In June, a total of eleven migrants, most of them Syrian, were put on trial for the gang rape of an 18-year-old in Freiburg.

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