Brexit Party Tops Poll in Most Trusted to Be on Side of British People

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 27: Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage arrives at a Brexit Party event on May 27, 2019 in London, England. The Brexit party won 10 of the UK's 11 regions, gaining 28 seats and more than 30% of the vote. (Photo by Peter Summers/Getty Images)
Peter Summers/Getty

The Brexit Party is trusted more than any other party or politician to be on the side of the British public.

Britons put the Brexit Party ahead of 15 other politicians and parties as the most “on the side of the British people”, with 31 per cent, in an IpsosMORI poll. The party’s leader Nigel Farage was the third-most trusted in that respect, with 29 per cent.

The top five considered to be “more on the side of the British Establishment” were: the Conservative Party (42 per cent), Prime Minister Boris Johnson (36 per cent), “MPs who want to remain in the EU” (35 per cent), judges (32 per cent), and “MPs who want to leave the EU without a deal” (31 per cent).

The survey also found that trust in politicians and parties to put the nation first when it comes to Brexit is at a low of 17 per cent.

Despite the Brexit Party being the most trusted political party to represent the people, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has again ruled out an election pact with Mr Farage.

Centrist Tory MP and Remainer Damian Green told The Guardian on Wednesday that Johnson said he would not go into a pact with the Brexit Party. He also claimed the prime minister said he would not make leaving the EU in a clean-break a manifesto pledge.

“We went in to say that no deal as the prime aim of government policy would be unacceptable in a manifesto and we were reassured that wasn’t the prime minister’s aim, that he still wants to get a deal now and still thinks that would be the best outcome. He has no intention of putting a no-deal policy in a manifesto,” Mr Green said.

Last month, Mr Farage announced that he would run as a parliamentary candidate in the next General Election. The Brexit Party leader says that the prime minister would need a strategic election pact to win a substantial majority for Brexit. Mr Farage predicted such a partnership could lead to up to a 100-seat majority.

“Here is a way for Boris to get a big, workable majority. We’re happy to help with that,” Mr Farage said in late September.

“We’re the party that believes in a clean-break Brexit because that’s the only way that we can honour the referendum, and we’ve said that if Boris Johnson’s party goes for a clean-break then, of course, we ought to have a non-aggression pact.”


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