Migrants Account for Nearly Half of Rapists in Italy


Data from the Italian Interior Ministry has stated that 42 out of 100 rapes in the country are committed by migrants and the numbers continue to rise.

The statistics from the Interior Ministry also suggest that Italian women are more prone to be the victims of sexual harassment and minor sex attacks than foreign women, while foreign women have a slightly higher rate for serious sex crimes such as violent rape, Il Giornale reports.

Earlier this week in Naples, a 17-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a 30-year-old non-European Union migrant who forced her into his car and drove her to an isolated area where he tied her wrists together and raped her. She told police that the man had been stalking her for some time before the incident.

Italy has seen a number of migrant sex attacks in recent months, including the rape of a girl in March by a gang of five migrants from Albania and Morocco, as well as the rape of a 15-year-old in Tissino by Moroccan migrants in October. Both incidents also involved illegal drugs.

One of the most infamous cases involving an Italian teen who was drugged and raped, occurred last year in Rome.

16-year-old Desirée Mariottini was drugged and then raped by several migrant men who are alleged to have purposely given her an overdose that led to her death. The trial of four African men accused of raping and murdering the teen began earlier this week in Rome.

Violent attacks by migrants have also become more common across the country. Earlier this week, a 27-year-old man in Taranto was so viciously beaten by a group of migrants that he lost all of his teeth and remains in hospital where he is only able to eat liquid with the aid of a nurse.

The man’s wife posted pictures of his condition on social media stating that the gang of migrants beat her husband “for fun” and asked if these were the same migrants leftist “do-gooders” praised.

A report from the  Italian Interior Ministry released last August suggested that nearly one in three crimes in Italy are committed by migrants despite migrants making up just eight percent of the population.

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