UK: NHS to Administer Hormone Blockers to 12-year-old Trans Child

ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

The National Health Service (NHS) will administer hormone blockers to a 12-year-old trans child said to have been born in the “wrong body”.

Ashley ‘Ash’ Lammin, whose name has been legally changed by deed poll, has claimed to be a girl born in a boy’s body since the age of three, if mother Terri is to be believed — and it seems this idea has never been discouraged.

“I never thought it was a phase, Ash was just Ash. When she was three she said to me, ‘I’m a boy because you gave me a boy’s name – it’s your fault’. I remember feeling horrible, because she blamed me,” the mother told the Metro.

“I’d never come across it before and I just went along with it. I just thought at the time “if he’s happy, well that’s the main thing”.”

Terri Lammin, who homeschools her child, also told the newspaper she would “like to see the subject of transgender people included in some lessons, like there are about same-sex families.”

The Metro article makes no reference to Ashley’s father.

“The journey is long and it’s still going, but I feel like the sense of victory is there through it all,” the 12-year-old told the newspaper.

“Not everyone is going to understand and people have to have their own opinions and I understand that. Some people might not like the idea of trans,” the child mused.

“I hope I inspire others but I just hope that love and acceptance comes through everything.”

The Metro notes that the pre-teen “eventually wants a womb transplant so she can be a mother when she is older” — a plan which seems extremely unlikely to be viable, as even if such a transplant was possible Lammin would still not be able to ovulate or have any of the other female reproductive equipment needed to conceive and then carry a child.

The Metro further notes that the 12-year-old will take the hormone blockers until age 18, and then decide whether to go ahead with so-called gender reassignment surgery — adding optimistically that “If she decides not to go ahead with it, Ash will come off the blocker, and her puberty will kick in just a few years later than her peers.”

This rather underestimates the likely impact of hormone treatment on an adolescent male body from the ages of 12 to 18, which is likely to have a drastic impact and possibly irreversible impact on the development of the male genitalia, height, facial structure, and even fertility.

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