Pan-African Reparations Coalition: ‘British Electorate Is Poisoned by Toxins of White Supremacy’

Boris Johnson
Rob Stothard/Getty Images

A spokesman for a Pan-African Reparations Coalition has condemned the British voting public as being “poisoned” by “the toxins of white supremacy” following Boris Johnson’s election victory.

Kofi Mawuli Klu, who is also on the international solidarity team of the Extinction Rebellion climate alarmist movement, told LBC radio that Britain “is a racist society, made worse by the recent General Election result with Boris Johnson, imagine, as the Prime Minister.”

Mawuli Klu said the election result “exposes the fundamentally racist global appetite, white supremacist, fascist orientation and mindsets of the British establishment.”

He further argued that “the British electorate is poisoned by the toxins of white supremacy and racism” and “chooses to disappoint the world” by not electing politicians “like [Labour leader Jeremy] Corbyn”.

Of the newly-strengthened Prime Minister, the self-described anti-racism campaigner suggested that “Boris Johnson seems to be following that Churchill tradition of promoting British white supremacy” — referring to Britain’s late wartime leader Sir Winston Churchill, who led the country’s at times lonely but ultimately successful struggle against Nazi Germany and its fascist allies.

Asked why he chooses to live among the British people “if we’re so bad”, Mawuli Klu answered, somewhat nonsensically, that he is in Britain because “Britain continues to be among the European superpowers that is terrorising our people in Africa, making life unbearable,” adding that Britain was responsible for climatic changes leading to “ecocide” on his native continent.

The discussion was prompted by grime rapper Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo, stage name Stormzy, saying that the United Kingdom is “definitely, 100 per cent” is racist.

This triggered something of a furore among members of the public, particulalry as the rapper has been invited by the BBC to provide a televised Christmas Day message to its viewers.

Like Mawuli Klu, the performer is also a Corbyn supporter and Johnson critic, having previously told young school pupils the Prime Minister was a “bad man” during a visit.

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