Watch: Boris Johnson Mixes Up Baking Shows and Brexit in Christmas Viral Vid

Making mince pies with Boris Johnson

🎄 We asked Boris and Stanley Johnson to make some mince pies and it was brilliant 🎄

Posted by Conservatives on Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Focus groups at Conservative Campaign Headquarters appear to have been working overtime, having figured out that the British voting public strongly like baking shows and Brexit, managing to combine the two for a Christmas themed viral video with the Prime Minister.

Appearing with his father Stanley Johnson in a kitchen setting, the Prime Minister is set the challenge of making Christmas mince pies. Taking the theme of combining disparate ingredients with a binding agent (an egg, or the NHS) as a metaphor for bringing the country together, Boris Johnson joked about Brexit.

Talking about his favourite Christmas films, the Prime Minister admitted he’d never seen Home Alone but said he loved The Great Escape, remarking: “of course contains a very important message which is you try and try again and finally you get out. On January 31st that’s what [the United Kingdom is] going to do.”

Having used the cooking process to deliver a number of other Conservative slogans including investing in the NHS, law and order, and spreading opportunity through the nation, the two Johnsons reflected on their grotesquely executed mince pies as “the most unattractive” they had ever seen before putting them in the oven.

The video is only the latest in a series of viral memes launched by the Conservatives in recent weeks. In the last days of the election, the party put out a parody of British Christmas classic Love Actually, featuring Boris Johnson reprising a famous scene from the film.


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