‘Run Piggy Run’ – British Cops Chased Through Streets at BLM Protest

Noel Phillips via Twitter

London police squads were chased through the street and pelted with missiles by crowds yelling “run, piggy” at the Black Lives Matter protest on Sunday.

Sky News correspondent Noel Phillips reported that disorder broke out as police officers were attempting to make an arrest, sharing footage of the crowd around them growing restive and throwing missiles.

The situation quickly deteriorates, with police officers fleeing headlong down the street to shelter behind the stone portals near the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with the mob pelting them with bottles and aiming kicks at them to cries of “run, piggy, run”.

Phillips, who had previously tweeted “What I’m feeling today on the streets of central London is unity… All about peace, fairness, equality and justice”, later uploaded more footage of a policeman walking back from the portals bleeding from the head while other officers rushed to reinforce them.

LBC News correspondent Matthew Thompson uploaded footage of a similar incident outside the Palace of Westminster which hosts the Houses of Parliament, with a sizeable police squad being dogged by the mob, pelted with missiles, and then breaking into a retreat to cries of “run, piggy”.

All told, the Metropolitan Police is reporting that 35 officers of its officers suffered injuries at Sunday’s protests, with two requiring hospitalisation. More were injured on Saturday — including a mounted policewoman who suffered a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and a broken collarbone after her horse bolted during the violence.

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