Former Danish Minister: Non-Western Migration Has Harmed Denmark More Than Helped

REUTERS/Claus Fisker/Scanpix Denmark

Former Danish Immigration and Integration Minister Inger Støjberg has claimed that mass migration from non-western countries has harmed Denmark far more than benefited it.

The former minister highlighted several major issues she associates with mass migration, including rising levels of crime and the growing problem Denmark with migrant gang violence.

“A very clear problem brought about by non-Western immigration is crime. There is a strong over-representation of criminals from non-Western countries,” she wrote in an op-ed for Danish tabloid B.T.

“There is a marked over-representation of immigrants or descendants from non-Western countries in Danish prisons,” she said and added, “Immigrants and descendants from non-Western countries are overall overrepresented by 255 per cent relative to their actual share of the population in Denmark.”

Earlier this year, a report from the think tank Unitos revealed that Somali migrant men were the most likely to engage in criminal behaviour, with an estimated 62 per cent having been convicted of a crime by the age of 30.

For Lebanese migrants, the rate was 60 per cent and for Moroccans, it was 52 per cent, with native Danes sitting at 18 per cent.

Støjberg also noted that crimes are becoming more and more serious, including random assaults and shootings. In neighbouring Sweden, researchers have also determined that violent and serious crime had also come up in the last 20 years by measuring the Crime Harm Index (CHI) of the country.

Sweden also has a major issue with criminal gangs, some of which are led by individuals of migrant backgrounds, such as in the capital of Stockholm.

Støjberg claimed that in Denmark, immigrant gangs have been preying on the homeless and forcing them to sell drugs, extorting them for government welfare money and even cutting off people’s fingers who disobey them.

“It is absolutely scandalous to treat society’s most vulnerable in this way, and it shows the cynicism and lack of order and respect these foreigners have towards the rest of Danish society,” she said.

“There is really only one solution to these hardened criminal aliens: expulsion from Denmark!” she said and argued rehabilitation programmes were “wasted” om migrant gang members.

“They laugh at us when, in the best sense, we try to incorporate them into society, because the point is precisely that they do not want to be part of Denmark,” she wrote and added, “But the grin disappears and turns into despair and tears when they first sit in the dock in court with a deportation sentence hanging over their heads.”

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