Migrant-Background Men Accused of Raping and Torturing Underage Boys in Swedish Cemetery

Sweden Police
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Two men, allegedly of a migration-background have been accused of raping, robbing and brutally torturing two underage boys over a period of ten hours in a cemetery in the Swedish city of Solna.

A 21-year old and an 18-year old have been accused of torturing the two boys and stabbing both of the boys as well, reports Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Although details about individuals involved in court proceedings are available to journalists, it is common practice for the mainstream Swedish newspapers to not publish this information, especially where migrants are concerned. Citing court documents, however, Swedish news-blog Nyheter Idag reports the 21-year-old is an Iranian migrant who became a Swedish citizen in 2014, and the 18-year-old is Swedish born to a Tunisian father.

According to the reports, the 21-year-old also has a criminal history, being convicted of arson in July of this year when he and a friend attempted to set fire to a car with a “molotov cocktail” in order to commit insurance fraud. He also has a history of drug and theft offences.

The other man is also known to police in the area and has previously been sentenced to juvenile detention for theft.

The two underage boys were found by a passer-by on Sunday morning, though police had received a missing person report for the boys earlier in the morning.

According to newspaper Expressen, the two boys were subjected to rape and torture from the hours of 11 pm on Saturday night to around 9 am the following morning.

Both of the suspects were arrested shortly after the boys were found and police told newspaper Aftonbladet that the boys may have been randomly targetted for the abuse.

Police even claimed the migrant-background pair threatened to bury the boys alive at one point and stabbed each of them in the leg. The 18-year-old has since been released on remand while the 21-year-old remains in police custody. Both have denied the crimes.


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