Anti-Churchill Professor Accused of Racially Abusing Black Conservatives

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Kehinde Andrews, the “Black Studies” professor who slated Churchill as a “white supremacist” and said the British Empire was “far worse” than Nazi Germany, has been accused of racially abusing black conservatives by activist and educator Calvin Robinson.

“I just think the solution [to divisions in society] is easy, we just need to come together,” said Robinson, of the Policy Exchange think tank and Don’t Divide Us campaign, while on a panel with Andrews on BBC show The Big Questions.

“[Y]es, there has been an increase in racism this year; I’ve personally experienced more racism this year than I have in my entire adult life,” he continued, prompting the presenter to cut in and exclaim “Well that’s extraordinary!” — before Robinson explained where the racism was coming from: “–and that is because of Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory being pushed.”

“This idea that there’s an ‘appropriate’ way to be black — for example, I’m often called, by Professor Andrews, ‘Bounty’, ‘Uncle Tom’, ‘House Negro’, for not having the right opinion,” Robinson alleges in an edited clip of the segment he shared on social media.

“You haven’t said that, have you?” the BBC presenter asks Andrews in Robinson’s cut of their exchange.

“Not about Calvin,” Andrews replies with a chuckle.

“Oh, you’ve said it about some people?” the presenter follows up.

“Some of those terms, not all of them,” Andrews admits.

“It’s wrong. We need to accept that black people, all people, should be diverse, we should have different thoughts and opinions; we shouldn’t expect people to think the same because of the colour of their skin,” Robinson fires back.

“That is racist. That’s what’s dividing us. We need to come back together and say, actually, it doesn’t matter what colour we are, we’re all British, we’re all here together, and that’s the thing that unites us.”

Andrews’ recent sally against Churchill and the British Empire which he led against Hitler’s Germany is by no means his only foray into identity politics, with academic venues, the BBC, and various other mainstream media outlets regularly wheeling him out to denigrate various aspects of British and Western history, culture, and society as racist.

Prior to Churchill, targets for his ire have included the British national anthem (during which sportsmen should “take a knee” or “clench a fist” because the British flag is a symbol of “oppression”), the patriotic song Rule, Britannia (“racist propaganda”), portraits of the Queen (“she is the premier symbol of empire and colonial violence“), and the St George’s flag of England (“something like the Confederate flag”), among others.

Andrews and Robinson have crossed swords before, with the latter having recently describing the “Black Studies” professor’s latest book, The New Age of Empire: How Racism and Colonialism Still Rule the World, as “preposterous” in a scathing review.

“[Andrews’] premise is that everything and everyone is racist, there is no solution, and we should all subscribe to the principles of Critical Race Theory,” Robinson suggests.

“It means that white people should be apologising for the mistakes of their ancestors, and black people should be raging in anger or brooding in a victimhood mentality.”

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