Polish MEP Says EU Voting Itself an ‘LGBTIQ Freedom Zone’ Is ‘Absurd’


Polish MEP Ryszard Legutko, of the governing Law and Justice (PiS) party, said the EU Parliament voting to make the bloc an “LGBTIQ freedom zone” was “absurd.”

Earlier this week, the European Parliament voted by 492 to 141 to declare the political bloc a “zone of freedom” for “LGBTIQ” people, which was described as an act against allegedly increasing homophobia in conservative EU member-states like Poland.

After calling the debate “absurd,” Legutko went on to accuse the EU Parliament of “only [being] interested in its ideology. They want to assert all of this at any price, they are denying freedom in this manner,” EU Observer reports.

“Western Europe is engaging in ideological propaganda. At kindergarten age, you want to introduce ridiculous stories about gender,” Legutko lamented.

The European Parliament’s move was largely directed at Poland and the adoption of “Regional Charters of Family Rights” by Christian conservative-led local authorities in the Slavic country. Over a hundred regions, counties, and municipalities in Poland which have declared themselves free of LGBT “ideology” are being described by the Western press, somewhat misleadingly, as “LGBT-free zones”.

(There are no laws against being homosexual in any part of Poland.)

According to the EU, the Polish charters “use a very narrow definition of the family” — that is, they define marriage as being between one man and one woman.

“[B]y focusing only on these types of family, the Regional Charters are indirectly calling for discrimination against all other forms of families,” the EU resolution claimed.

Evin Incir, an MEP for the Swedish Social Democrats, backed the “LGBTIQ freedom zone” resolution, saying: “It’s about standing up for fundamental values that are under threat right now. LGBTQ rights are under threat in countries such as Hungary and Poland. Poland even has LGBT-free zones.”

Despite criticism from media and politicians outside of Poland, polls have revealed that the majority of the Polish public back the government’s position on LGBT ideology, with a June 2020 poll revealing that 62 per cent of the public are against same-sex marriages.

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