Migrant to Italian Police: ‘In Ghana, I Would Have Slit Your Throat’

Como city historical town center and Alps mountains on Lake Como, Italy, in warm sunset light
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An African migrant threatened to slit the throats of Italian police officers in Como after being stopped for harassing locals.

Police approached the 49-year-old Ghanian in a car park near the centre of the northern Italian city following reports he was harassing passersby and motorists, begging for money.

The migrant refused orders to cease begging, and when asked for his identification documents, the Ghanian became angry and aggressive, threatening the officers and their families, saying: “In Ghana, I would have slit your throat.”

“In Italy, justice sucks, and you can’t do anything to me,” he added, according to Il Giornale.

The 49-year-old then punched and kicked the officers before being subdued and taken into custody.

The two officers received treatment at a nearby hospital and are expected to make full recoveries within the next five days.

Investigators say the Ghanian was also charged in relation to other crimes, including drug dealing, robbery, illegal immigration, and illegal occupation of the property. However, following negotiations, the migrant was handed a sentence of one year in prison with suspended sentences for several of his infractions.

The attack comes nearly a year after a migrant in Rome bragged that judges would do nothing to him after he attacked and threatened police officers arresting him for allegedly throwing bottles in a park.

“The judge will do nothing to me tomorrow, and I will be out waiting for you,” the migrant reportedly told officers following his arrest.

In February 2020, in Turin, migrants climbed onto the roof of an asylum seeker reception centre and attacked with bricks and wounded 11 police officers and two soldiers.

Just a month before, the centre’s residents had set the building complex on fire, causing widespread damage.


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