Italian Police Attacked with Bricks in Turin Migrant Centre


Eleven police and two army soldiers were attacked with bricks at a migrant repatriation centre in Turin over the weekend in just the latest case of violence at the centre.

The migrants in the centre tore bricks off the walls of a structure and climbed onto the roof of a housing module before raining the bricks down on police officers, wounding 13 people, Il Giornale reports.

Police have stated that they are examining CCTV evidence to confirm their suspicions that the five migrants involved in the violence against the officers were originally from North Africa.

The incident comes just a month after residents of the centre set the entire building complex on fire which caused thousands of euros worth of damage, destroying a canteen and several dormitories.

Another incident took places two weeks later when migrants set their mattresses on fire along with setting fire to other objects. In the ensuing chaos, five police officers were injured.

The city of Turin has had problems with illegal migrant violence for years, with the former Olympic Village, built to house athletes during the 2006 Winter Olympics, being turned into a virtual no-go zone by migrants and far-left extremists where police would not enter.

African migrants even led a large-scale riot in November of 2016 with one migrant claiming the radical Islamic terror attack on the Bataclan nightclub in Paris in 2015 had been the “revenge of the excluded”.

Around 300 migrants took part in the rioting, throwing bottles and rocks while yelling “racist” at Italians who passed by them.

In December of 2018, populist League leader Matteo Salvini, who was serving as Interior minister at the time, spearheaded an eviction of far-left extremists and migrants from the former Olympic Village.

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