Almost Half of French Would Support Military Intervention to Restore Order

French soldiers parade in military vehicles during the Bastille Day military parade down t

49 per cent, of the French public would support the military intervening to restore order and safety in France, even without government orders to do so, according to a poll conducted by Harris Interactive.

The polling was released on Thursday in response to a letter signed by 20 former French generals and an estimated 1,000 former and active-duty military members who denounced growing insecurity and Islamism in France and warned of potential civil war and military intervention.

Conducted on April 28th, Harris Interactive asked 1,613 people a variety of questions related to the letter and found that 86 per cent of respondents agreed with the signatories that the laws of the French republic no longer apply everywhere within its territory.

It also found that 74 per cent agreed that “anti-racism” activism had caused the opposite effect of what was expected. Forty-nine per cent said they were in favour of military intervention to guarantee order and security in France without the government ordering it.

Around six in ten — 58 per cent — of respondents said they support the military and ex-military members who signed the letter, with those who support right-wing parties such as Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (RN) showing the most support.

Earlier this week, Ms Le Pen said she agreed with the sentiments expressed by the signatories and asked them to join her movement.

“I invite you to join our action to take part in the battle that is opening up,” Le Pen said, adding: “As a citizen and politician, I agree with your analysis and share your affliction.”

According to a report from broadcaster LCI, which commissioned the Harris Interactive poll, the French Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, General François Lecointre announced that active-duty members of the military who signed the letter would face removal or disciplinary actions.

So far, 18 active-duty soldiers, including four officers, have been identified among the signatories.

The letter comes just a year before the French presidential elections, in which Marine Le Pen is seen as the main contender to incumbent president Emmanuel Macron. Some are concerned that she may defeat the French president in the second-round run-off of the election.

Ms Le Pen, who has always maintained strong support among the military and the police, could emerge victorious under certain conditions, according to a recent study by the Jean-Jaurès Foundation released in April.

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