Poll: 71 Per cent of French Say Country Has Had Enough Immigration

Protesters hold candles during a demonstration for the regularisation of migrants at the o
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A survey measuring the fraternity between residents of France has revealed that 71 per cent of French think there has been enough immigration and have no desire to see more.

The 2021 Fraternity Barometer, which was conducted by the polling firm Ifop and le Labo de la Fraternité, is the third survey designed to measure the value of fraternity in the country.

Eric Thugez, the spokesperson for the Labo de la Fraternité, spoke to newspaper Le Parisien on the results of the latest survey, saying: “the study reflects a rather stiff general discourse vis-à-vis the migratory phenomenon, while this is the first year that we have tested this subject.”

The polling reveals that 71 per cent of French believe that the country has taken in enough immigrants and do not have a desire to see more let into the country. 64 per cent said that France should no longer accept refugees as they were increasing the risk of terrorism in France.

François Legrand, who works at the Business Opinion and Strategy department of Ifop, said that on an individual level French people are quite open, but are less open to immigration when it is considered on a national level.

Despite 85 per cent of the respondents claiming that diversity was a “good thing”, 74 per cent said that diversity creates problems and conflicts in society.

The result of the survey comes just days after former Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier shocked many by proposing that France suspend all immigration for the next three to five years.

“There is a risk of an explosion, particularly on the topic of immigration,” Baniuer said.

“We need to introduce a moratorium on immigration. We need to take time to evaluate, check and if necessary, change our immigration policies.”

Some have compared Barnier’s new stance to that of populist National Rally leader Marine Le Pen and there has been speculation that Barnier might also run for the French presidency next year.

Polls, however, show that currently Marine Le Pen and incumbent President Emmanuel Macron are the favourites to reach a second-round run-off vote.


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