Illegal Boat Migrant Landings In 2022 Top 4,000, Smashing Record-Breaking 2021 Figures

TOPSHOT - Migrants with children are escorted to be processed after being picked up by an RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) lifeboat while crossing the English channel at a beach in Dungeness, southeast England on September 7, 2021. (Photo by Ben STANSALL / AFP) (Photo by BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty …
Photo by BEN STANSALL/AFP via Getty Images

At least 190 migrants arrived in Britain on Thursday, bringing the total number of migrants who have illegally crossed to Britain by boat to over 4,000 since the start of 2022.

4,087 migrants have been caught making the illegal crossing into Britain in 132 boats since the start of the year, putting the country well on course to shatter last year’s record landings, which did not pass the 4,000 mark until June.

Migrants have taken advantage of the improved springtime weather in Britain after crossings were disrupted in February due to storms and high winds, with 2,603 recorded migrants landing on British soil via small boat in March alone.

Of the 190 largely adult male migrants who made the crossing on Thursday, none were reported to be Ukrainian, and as the boats came from France none were fleeing an active war zone, or even national poverty.

Boat-owning Britons have also faced warnings from the National Crime Agency (NCA), which is roughly equivalent to America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), that they should remain vigilant, as new intelligence suggests that the organised criminal gangs involved in people-smuggling have resorted to stealing vessels to keep up with the demand for voyages, the Daily Mail reports.

Illegal migrants are often exploited by people-smugglers, sometimes being deceived into paying as much as £10,000 to secure a ticket into Britain before being crammed onto unseaworthy vessels,

Some have claimed they were hoodwinked by traffickers and forced onto dangerous, sub-standard vessels — possibly including the 27 migrants who died in the English Channel when a boat capsized last year. Friends of the deceased have claimed they were forced onto the doomed boat at gunpoint.

Despite these risks, illegal migrants are mostly not deterred from crossing, with many being picked by Britain’s Border Force — who never turn them back to France, instead giving them life jackets and warm clothing before safely ferrying them to British ports.

A Home Office spokeswoman has said that Anglo-Franco joint operations had “prevented more than 23,000 migrant attempts” in 2021 — less than half the number who arrived, even if this is true — and that 400 traffickers had been arrested since July 2020.

None of this appears to be having a significant impact on crossings, however, as British authorities expect 65,000 illegal migrants to successfully enter Britain via boat in 2022.

The system designed to accommodate genuine refugees has been overwhelmed by the massive influx of boat migrants, with British taxpayers forced to stump up £4.7 million a day to house migrants in hotels, with detention centres and government-owned migrant-housing facilities at maximum capacity.

The total cost to the taxpayer of accommodating illegal migrants in Britain in the 2020-2021 recording period was £1.4 billion.

Home Secretary Priti Patel has even had to draft in the British Army to build new camps for migrants to help minimise the costs of housing them.

This mass influx of bogus asylum seeker means the government was ill-prepared to house the over 20,000 Ukrainian refugees they have agreed to take in, forcing them to plead with the British people to offer up their homes to accommodate them.

Speaking to Breitbart London, Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of Britain’s oldest conservative think tank, the Bow Group, warned that “the number of illegal immigrants caught entering Britain continues to grow year on year, even throughout the pandemic”, with “the true numbers entering unchecked via all routes likely to be far, far, greater”.

“Illegal immigration is something of a distraction, however, as the government are allowing over 700,000 people to migrate to Britain legally each year. Illegal immigration sits on top of that, taking the likely number of people migrating to Britain each year over the million mark,” Harris-Quinney argued.

“There has never been a more pro-mass immigration government than this one. More immigrants enter Britain each year under this Conservative government than under the previous Labour government. Just as on tax, debt, and many other issues, this Conservative Party is operating far to the left of the last Labour government on immigration,” he continued.

“No society has ever survived this level of immigration. It is likely already too late, but if the government does not take swift action to stem the tide of mass immigration it is very unlikely Britain as we know it will survive,” the Bow Group chairman alleged.

Providing a potential solution to Britain’s migration crisis, Quinney suggested that “to rebalance the sheer numbers of migrants that have entered the UK in the last 20 years the government now needs to shift to a negative migration strategy.”

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