Naked ‘Family Sex Show’ for Five Year Old Children Cancelled After Backlash

The Family Sex Show, ThisEgg, Lidia Crisafulli
ThisEgg/Lidia Crisafulli

A leftist theatre troupe has cancelled their scheduled performance of the “Family Sex Show” for children as young as five years old featuring nudity and covering topics such as sex and LGBT theories on gender following an intense backlash from the public.

On Tuesday, it was announced that the “Family Sex Show”, which was scheduled to be staged at the Tobacco Factory Theatre in Bristol and The Egg Theatre in Bath, England in May, has been cancelled, with organisers claiming to have received “unprecedented threats and abuse”.

The theatre troupe ThisEgg described their show as a “fun and silly performance about the painfully AWKWARD subject of sex, exploring names and functions, boundaries, consent, pleasure, queerness, sex, gender and relationships”.

Organisers suggested that the show would be suitable for children as young as five, despite featuring naked performers and covering sex in detail.

The group’s website also hosts a glossary of terminology to supposedly educate children on sexual concepts, including terms such as “hand job”, “squirting”, and “cum”.

Touting their leftist bona fides, the show claimed to be informed by an “intersectional, feminist, non-binary, anti-racist & sex-positive take on Relationships and Sex Education.”

The Family Sex Show also hosts a podcast in which they promote LGBT ideology, introducing each host by their gender pronouns and even apologising to future listeners if their language has become “dated” and offensive. Topics covered by the podcast include pornography and “pleasure”.

The planned performance drew considerable public backlash after it was highlighted by the anti-woke Reclaim Party’s Laurence Fox, who promoted a petition to shut down the show, which to date has already amassed over 39,000 signatures from the public.

Following the backlash, a statement posted on the Tobacco Factory Theatre website on Tuesday stated: “Performances of The Family Sex Show by ThisEgg at Tobacco Factory Theatres have been cancelled.

“This is due to the unprecedented threats and abuse directed at our building and team. We are sorry for the disappointment this causes to those who’ve booked. You will be contacted and refunds will be made available.”

The Family Sex Show, ThisEgg, Lidia Crisafulli

The Family Sex Show, ThisEgg, Lidia Crisafulli

Responding to the statement, Laurence Fox wrote on social media: “Threats and abuse? Or a visceral hatred of child sexual exploitation? You choose. We are watching.”

Defending the supposed lewd content of the show, a spokesman for the theatre company told the local Bristol Post that they crafted the Family Sex Show “with input and guidance from education and safeguarding specialists.”

“The nakedness in the show is not of a sexualised nature,” the spokesman added.

On social media, ThisEgg went on to say that while the Spring tour of the show has been cancelled, the group is still planning on putting on “private” performances and intend on staging the show for the public in the future.

Leftist theatre troupes in Britain have previously come under criticism for targeting children with lascivious content. In a notable example, the Redbridge Central Library in London hosted the ‘anti-racist’ performance arts group Mandinga, in which a man paraded around children in a rainbow monkey suit with a dildo attached to the front of his costume.

The event was held as a part of the library’s “Summer Reading Challenge”, which they put on in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The organisers described it as a “very special nature-themed Challenge that will inspire you to stand up for the planet.”

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