Syrian Migrant Suspected of Raping 15-Year-Old Ukrainian Refugee Girl

woman behind the fence, close-up of a refugee woman's hand
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A 19-year-old Syrian migrant has been accused of rape by a 15-year-old Ukrainian refugee girl but has not been kept in custody, in what some are claiming is a scandal.

The alleged rape took place in the late evening last Wednesday in the Austrian town of Weyer, where the Syrian is alleged to have taken the 15-year-old aside to a railway embankment after drinking alcohol and forced her to perform sexual intercourse with him.

The Ukrainian refugee teen is said to have confided in her brother the following day regarding the alleged rape and the family then filed a police report. Police later arrested the Syrian but did not keep him in custody, allegedly transferring him to another asylum accommodation instead, Austrian newspaper Kurier reports.

The populist Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) released a statement on the incident on Sunday and the subsequent release of the Syrian, claiming the decision was a scandal.

FPÖ security spokesman Hannes Amesbauer slammed the ruling Austrian people’s Party (OeVP), particularly Interior Minister Gehard Karner, stating, ” Interior Minister Karner, he bears the general responsibility for the exploding asylum numbers in any case – can be prepared for harsh parliamentary questions.”

Amesbauer went on to state that foreigners were suspects in around 43 per cent of rape cases in the past year and recalled the case of 13-year-old Leonie, who was sexually abused, raped and killed in Vienna after being given drugs by Afghan migrants who dumped her body next to a tree.

On Monday, the Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung reported that the prosecutor’s office in Steyr refused to keep the Syrian in custody following his arrest last week after claiming two friends of the alleged victim described the sexual incident as being consensual.

Earlier this year in March, another teenage girl, a 16-year-old German, was allegedly raped by a group of four asylum seekers near the main train station of the city of Linz.

Three of the alleged attackers, two 15-year-old Afghans and a 14-year-old Iranian were arrested by police following the alleged rape attack and another asylum seeker, a 14-year-old Afghan, turned himself in several days later.

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