Khan’s London: Fatal Broad Daylight Knife Attack Follows Weekend of Stabbings and Shop Looting

A forensic officer at the scene in Poland Street, central London, as a man has been stabbe
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A man was stabbed to death in broad daylight in Sadiq Khan’s London on Monday following a weekend of stabbings and shop lootings in the capital city.

London police arrested one man after another was stabbed to death in broad daylight in Sadiq Khan’s London on Monday.

The incident follows a weekend of violence in the UK capital city, which saw shops looted, police attacked, and at least five people stabbed in the leftist-controlled metropolis.

According to a statement by the London Metropolitan police, Monday’s stabbing occurred at 11:40 am on Poland Street, an extremely short distance from Oxford Street, one of the busiest shopping streets in Europe.

The scene of the stabbing was reportedly attended by both the London Ambulance Service, as well as the city’s Air Ambulance, neither of which were able to save the man, who was reported dead at the scene at 12:20.

According to The Guardian, Monday’s incident means that there have so far been 57 homicides in London this year, with other violent events also plaguing the city ruled over by leftist Labour party mayor, Sadiq Khan.

For example, there were reportedly five separate stabbings that took place over the weekend in the city, at least one of which involved a boy as young as 15.

Another incident involved a man being stabbed and then shot, despite the UK priding itself on its strict gun and weapon control laws aimed at preventing this kind of violence.

So strict are these rules that those living in the country are even legally prohibited from carrying cans of pepper spray in the hopes of being able to defend themselves from less law-abiding violent residents.

London also recently saw bouts of mass robbery and assaults on police officers over the weekend, with shops on the famous Oxford Street being looted by gangs of youths.

One incident that required a significant police response involved a crowd of young people storming a candy shop as well as jumping on a high-end sports car, with video of the events going viral online.

“Police were called at 17:53hrs to Oxford Circus W1 to a group of youths gathering and concerns around a fight,” a police statement given at the time of the events reportedly read.

“Officers responded. Several pockets of youths are reported to have entered a number of shops and stolen various items,” the statement continued. “Several arrests have been made for theft and assault on police.”

The scene was also reportedly attended by the National Police Air Service, which is said to have “provided assistance” to officers who desperately attempted to restore order on the shopping street in the aftermath of the store raids.

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