French Retailer Stops Selling Far-Left Antifa Game After Police Union Complaint

A protester waves the anti-fascist movement flag "Action antifasciste" during a rally against the French far-right party Rassemblement National (RN) presidential candidate's visit in Avignon on April 14, 2022. - French far-right party Rassemblement National (RN) presidential candidate faces the incumbent president in a run-off vote on April 24, 2022. …

French retail chain Fnac has stopped selling a card game based around the far-left extremist group Antifa after a complaint by a French police union, removing the item from their website.

The French retailer removed the “Antifa: the Game” product from their website after complaints on social media over the weekend when the Union of Commissioners of the National Police (SCPN), a national police union, and members of the populist National Rally (RN) highlighted the game.

The game had been on sale on the retailer’s website since November 10th but was removed on Sunday evening, broadcaster BFMTV reports.

According to the makers of the game, an Antifa group named La Horde, the game sees players take the role of members so the far-left extremist group and note that the game was initially used as a “training tool” for Antifa members.

Last Friday, the SCPM questioned the sale of the game on the Fnac website asking if the retail would comment on Antifa members who “break, burn and attack in their demonstrations?”

Fnac replied to the police union stating, “We understand that the commercialization of this ‘game’ may have offended some of our audiences. We are doing what is necessary to make it no longer available in the coming hours.”

Members of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally also slammed the retailer, with MP Victor Catteau stating, “how can Fnac market such a ‘game’?” and added, “Honouring the Antifa, these hateful groups who only know violence to attack our democracy and what we hold dearest in our country…Absolutely outrageous!”

Antifa members have been accused of multiple instances of political violence in France in recent years, with a member of the RN being viciously attacked and beaten by a group of far-left extremists earlier this year in July in Bordeaux.

Former legislative candidate Pierre Le Camus claimed that a group of around thirty to forty Antifa extremists confronted him and his brother, attacking them after stating they knew who they were.

“It was very violent. There was a real will to hurt. They turned the terrace upside down, chairs were thrown away, and I was even hit on the head with a glass bottle. My brother ended up on the ground and they kept beating him,” Le Camus said, adding, “They left as fast as they arrived shouting ‘Bordeaux Antifa’, ‘Bordeaux is ours.’.”

French police unions have also denounced the extremist group, and highlighted the lax prison sentences many far-left extremists often receive after participating in violent protests and riots.

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