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French Police Defy Their Unions to Vote For Le Pen

Despite being told by their unions not to vote for anti-mass migration presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, many French police are voting for Le Pen, who they feel will restore law and order to France. The police union “Alliance” have made

BEAUCAIRE, FRANCE - JANUARY 11: Police stand guard duing the far-right Front National Unity rally 'Marche Republicaine' on January 11, 2015 in Beaucaire, France. The French far-right National Front (FN) held their own rally after being excluded from the Paris unity rally. An estimated one million people have converged in …

French Police Raid Offices of Marine Le Pen

French police have raided the headquarters of Front National presidential candidate Marine Le Pen over “fake job” claims while she is currently on a trip to Lebanon. The raid took place Monday afternoon at the Front National (FN) headquarters in Nanterre,

LYON, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 04: Election campaign material at the launch of the Marine Le Pen National Front Presidential campaign in the Centre de Congres on February 4, 2017 in Lyon, France. One of the most unpredictable French elections has got underway, with National Front leader promising to protect the …

French Police Role Play Euro 2016 Terror Attacks

The French emergency services have begun holding training drills simulating terrorist attacks on Euro 2016 supporters ahead of the tournament this summer. One drill has played out a scenario similar to the Paris attacks of last year in which jihadis

Euro 2016

Report: French Police Must Confront Islamists In Their Ranks

A shocking new confidential report obtained by a French newspaper reveals that French police have a growing problem with Islamists in their own ranks. German weekly Junge Freiheit reports that French publication La Parisien was able to obtain a confidential report from the French Ministry of

A police car is parked near the Eiffel tower, on March 22, 2016 in Paris.