Frenchman Allegedly Murdered by Migrant He Welcomed in His Home

man cuffed
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An Algerian illegal migrant has been arrested in Vigneux-Sur-Seine after allegedly murdering a 65-year-old French man who let him live in his home.

The 65-year-old was found dead early Tuesday morning in his home and is said to have been beaten to death, with police receiving a phone call from the Algerian suspect at around 4 am who told officials he and the man had a dispute and the man had fallen on the floor.

Police claim that the 35-year-old Algerian was intoxicated when they arrived and was covered with blood when officials arrived at the home the two men shared, with the owner found laying on the floor with serious skull fractures, Actu17 reports.

Attempts to resuscitate the victim at the scene were unsuccessful and the 65-year-old was pronounced dead by paramedics. Police then arrested the Algerian, with the prosecutor’s office of Ecry opening an investigation for intentional homicide.

It remains unclear what the exact relationship was between the two men as investigators are looking into whether or not the Algerian was being allowed to stay in the home for free or whether he was paying for his accommodation.

The case comes just days after another migrant was put on trial in Paris after allegedly raping a woman who had allowed him to live in her home.

The man, a Libyan national in his late thirties, is said to have lived with the victim, a 33-year-old woman, after the pair had met at a party and the woman learned the man had been living in a squat.

According to the alleged victim, the Libyan had become violent after an evening of drinking and had taken out a pair of knives, made an attempt to steal her phone and proceeded to then beat and rape her.

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