Gangs Smuggling Boat Migrants to UK May Be Linked to Taliban ‘Suicide Squad’ – Farage

Gangs smuggling boat migrants across the English Channel may be linked to or emulating a Taliban military formation and pose a serious national security risk, Brexit leader Nigel Farage has cautioned.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube Channel, the veteran Brexiteer warned of the impact on Britain of allowing the boat migrant crisis to continue unabated — as the country’s governing Conservatives (Tories) have done, despite first declaring crossings a “major incident” as long ago as 2018 and promising imminent, firm action ever since — saying that “if you let in a huge number of young men from different cultures, you’re headed for trouble.”

“[J]ust have a look at Sweden,” he continued. “Gun crime in Stockholm, which was once the most peaceful city in the world… is taking place there every single day. Malmo [is] the rape capital of Europe. Huge, serious crime and social problems in Sweden — we do not want to go that way.”

“If between now and the election a link was made between the young men that come and serious crime or even a threat to national security in this country then [Prime Minister Rishi] Sunak knows the [Tory] party would literally be blown out of the water by the electorate, hence the big talk that maybe they’ll put leaving [the European Court of Human Rights] in the next [election] manifesto,” he added — but dismissed the talk as empty, insisting that Tory politicians “haven’t got the courage to do it” and mostly don’t want to anyway.

So far as proposals to allow British judges to set aside decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, Farage noted that the effectiveness of such a move would very much depend on the far from hardline British judiciary, who would probably prove unwilling to do so.

To make the case for leaving the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) — a non-EU body to which Britain is still voluntarily subject — Farage stressed the possibility of “an outfit called Badri 313” being involved in the Channel migrant smuggling operation.

“They are violent, dangerous, extreme Islamists, and they do the bidding of the Taliban,” Farage said of the group, described by both the New York Post and Al Jazeera as a “suicide” squad for group which once again rules Afghanistan following U.S. President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from the country.

“Right now in Dunkirk the biggest smuggling gang is an Afghan smuggling gang,” Farage alleged, before showing clips of Badri 313 in their military garb and clips posted by members of the smuggling gangs on social media, with captions such as “cirminal 313” — presumably a misspelling of “criminal 313”.

“These are basically adverts… ‘come with us, we’ll get you across to the UK’ — and you’ll see what they’re doing on these adverts is they’re putting ‘313’. They’re giving the fingers salutes, and they’re putting ‘313’,” he observed.

“Whether this group in Dunkurk are directly linked to Badri 313 in Afghanistan or whether they’re just imitating them and pretending to be part of the club, I don’t know, but either way we now have a clear indication that one of the biggest smuggling gangs getting people over the Channel have a huge admiration for extreme, violent, anti-women, Islamist terrorist groups,” he suggested.

The Brexiteer concluded by suggesting that “if that doesn’t scare MPs into understanding why we need to leave ECHR, I don’t know what will” — adding that “frankly it’s only now a matter of time before something really bad happens.”

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