Police Arrest Five Youths In the Middle of Raping Woman in Malmo Park

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Police on patrol in the multicultural city of Malmo caught and arrested five youths, four of them minors, as the mob was raping a woman in a public park.

The police were out on patrol on Saturday evening at around 11 pm when they came across a group of five youths in the Kungsparken in central Malmo who appeared to be sexually abusing and raping a woman, in what has been termed as aggravated rape.

“The police were there on a routine patrol and then meet these people who are behaving in an abnormal way and then interrupted this crime,” police officer Sara Andersson told the newspaper Expressen.

Four of the youths were arrested at the scene and the fifth was caught and taken into custody a short time later.

“We will hear from the people concerned and are now conducting a series of technical analyses to go through the course of events,” local prosecutor Kristina Amilon said, while a lawyer for the fifth accused man stated he denied any wrongdoing.

Although the identities of the men involved in the alleged rape are unknown, gang rapes in Sweden, according to a 2018 report from Expressen, are largely carried out by men of migrant backgrounds.

The report claimed that of the 43 men they studied in cases from 2016 and 2017 connected to gang rapes, just one was born in Sweden to two parents also born in Sweden, while 32 were born abroad to foreign parents.

Last year, another study conducted by Lund university, found that the majority of convicted rapists in Sweden overall are from migrant backgrounds, with nearly half being born abroad. The study also cited another study from Malmo University that found 71 per cent of the rapists convicted in the city were also from migrant backgrounds.

The trend of rape attacks has not gone unnoticed and drew the ire of Swedish action film legend Dolph Lundgren earlier this year.

“Sadly, my home country Sweden still cannot protect their women from rape,” the action star said and added, “Sweden has the highest rate of rape per capita in Europe and one of the highest in the world.”

Earlier this year Sweden saw a particularly brutal rape case involving an Afghan migrant named  Taher Amini who raped a 41-year-old woman, threw her down a mine shaft and attempted to kill her twice by throwing rocks down the shaft at her.

He was convicted of rape and attempted murder earlier this month and given a life sentence due to the severity of the crime.

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