EXCLUSIVE: EU MP Mocks ‘Pathetic’ Attempts to Censor Criticism of ‘Men Who Pretend to be Women’

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A sitting MP in the European Parliament has mocked attempts by pro-trans leftists to have him censored for criticising “men who pretend to be women”.

Cristian Terhes, a member of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group in the European Parliament, has mocked attempts by leftist politicians to have him censored after he criticised transgenderism in the European Parliament.

The Romanian politician publicly voiced his criticism of the ideology during a recent parliamentary debate on the ratification of the 2011 Istanbul convention against gender-based violence, warning that the body’s sudden inability to define what the word “woman” even now serves as a significant obstacle to protecting them as a sex.

“Apparently, this Parliament cannot define the term anymore,” he told the parliament.

Terhes went on to lambast the idea that a man can suddenly self-identify as being a woman in many countries within the bloc, arguing that the very concept of treating males as the opposite sex is a real threat to women’s safety.

“Acknowledging, even in the law, that a man [who] can ‘identify’ as a woman, is a woman, is simply absurd and, actually, the biggest threat to women,” he argued. “This gender ideology is clearly undermining womankind and is a dream come true for male perverts, who can claim now that they identify as women and are allowed to serve sentences in female prisons where, in some instances, they left some pregnant.”

The criticisms have incensed a number of left-wing MEPs within the parliament, three of which — after the debate — went so far as to write to the body’s president demanding that Terhes be punished for “hate speech”.

However, speaking to Breitbart Europe, Terhes mocked the attempts to censor him, vowing to continue fighting for the rights of his female constituents in Romania.

“Unable to argue on the biological facts and use reasonable arguments, the aggressive gender ideology campaigners ran to the President of the European Parliament begging her to silence me for saying an obvious claim: a man is not a woman, and vice versa,” he told Breitbart.

“It’s quite pathetic that radical Leftist MEPs have to run to the headmaster to close down open debate and free speech on an issue that has already exposed many women, including girls, to severe violence and fear that they will be attacked or aggressed in a women’s restrooms by predatorial men who pretend to be women,” he continued.

He went on to say that he was not even presented with the letter the three MEPs sent to the parliament’s president, and had to read about the document when an article about it was published in POLITICO.

“These extreme Leftist MEPs did not even have the honour to copy me in on their letter, so I had to read about it in the media,” he explained, saying that such a refusal betrays the “weakness of their argument”.

Seemingly undeterred by the censorship attempt, however, Terhes went on to vow to continue fighting for the rights of his female constituents in Romania.

“I represent the Romanian women and men, and I have an obligation to stand up to defend women and their spaces from male sexual predators,” he said.

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