EU’s #MeToo Anti-Sexual Harassment Push Risks Putting Every Man ‘Under General Suspicion’ – MEP

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - 2022/11/27: A protester holds a placard expressing her opinion during the demonstration. For the sixth consecutive year, the civil society associations federated by the "Mirabal Belgium" platform are calling for a new National Demonstration to fight against violence against women and to encourage public authorities to fully …
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A pro-MeToo push to supposedly tackle sexual harassment within the European Union risks putting every single man “under general suspicion”, an MEP has warned.

Christine Anderson, a member of the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, has expressed significant concern about the latest attempt by the European Parliament to curb sexual harassment.

The legislative body adopted a report on Thursday demanding further actions against sexual harassment, arguing that so-called “gender-based violence” should be made illegal under European law.

However, speaking to Breitbart Europe, Anderson expressed concern that the EU’s ongoing crusade could be going too far, and ultimately risked making every man a suspect of some sort of sexual misconduct.

“The workplace must be free from sexual harassment,” she explained. “But here, the EU ban machinery has picked up so much speed that in the future every man in the workplace will be under general suspicion simply by being there.”

The German MEP claimed that the approved report — which vows strong loyalty to the MeToo movement — ultimately goes “too far”, and that if Brussels was truly serious about targeting sexual violence, especially within relationships, it should take a far more targetted approach to the issue.

“It would make much more sense in terms of curbing sexual harassment if it were to statistically determine who is harassing, where and to what extent,” Anderson said.

“The consequences of this would be: Effective border protection and consistent deportations,” she added. “Because it has been proven that women are disproportionately harassed by migrants from the Oriental and African areas.”

Justifying this claim, the AfD parliamentarian cited statistics published by Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office, which appears to show that people with certain migrant backgrounds are more likely to rape or commit other sexual offences against their intimate partners.

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