Europe Must Prepare for Even More Migrants After Ukraine Dam Explosion, PM Declares

TOPSHOT - Servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine deliver food to the residents of a flooded area in Kherson on June 8, 2023, following damages sustained at Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant dam. Ukraine and Russia accused each other of shelling in the flood-hit Kherson region on June 8, 2023 …
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Europe must be ready to support even more migrants in the wake of the Kakhovka dam explosion in Ukraine, Ireland’s Prime Minister has declared.

Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s current neoliberal Taoiseach (Prime Minister), has speculated that the destruction of the Kakhocka dam in Ukraine could see more refugees stream into Europe.

The Irish government has regularly bragged about how it would never put a cap on the number of migrants and asylum seekers coming to their country, to the point that services and housing in the country have now been completely overloaded by arrivals both from Ukraine, as well as from Africa and the Middle-East.

Such a migrant crisis has even resulted in a sudden and seismic surge in political attitudes amongst Irish people, with the country’s population shifting from largely not caring about immigration to becoming one of the most pro-border control populations in the world.

Despite such a massive backlash against open borders, the Irish Times has reported that Varadkar is now insisting that the island prepare to allow in even more foreign arrivals.

“We have to prepare for the possibility that we’ll see an increase in Ukrainians to other parts of Europe, including Ireland,” the Prime Minister said, adding that Ukraine must also “gets the humanitarian assistance that it needs”.

He also rejected any notion that the number of migrants coming into Ireland could ever be capped, declaring such a system to be “not realistic”.

“I know there are some people who would like us to put a limit on the number of people seeking international protection in Ireland,” he lectured. “That’s not realistic, it’s not legal, it’s not practical but we can manage the flows better and that’s one thing we will try to do.”

Recent polling in Ireland has found that 75 per cent of people believe that Ireland has already taken in “too many” alleged refugees, with the country seeing at least 125 anti-immigration in 2023 so far.

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