IDF Says Bodies of 1,500 Hamas Terrorist Fighters Found Inside Israel

TOPSHOT - Israeli soldiers take up position in Kfar Aza, in the south of Israel, bordering
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The Israel Defence Force says they have now found the bodies of 1,500 Hamas terrorists in Israeli territory, that they have sealed the border to Gaza and mined gaps, but that further incursions may be possible.

The known total death toll for both Israelis and terrorists continues to grow in the wake of Saturday’s attacks, with Jerusalem saying their national death toll has gone past 900, and the armed forces also revealed a considerable number of terrorist dead being discovered.

Spokesman for the Israel Defence Force (IDF) Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht, who has gained some attention in the United Kingdom as he was brought up in Scotland and speaks with a strong Scottish accent, said on Tuesday morning that the bodies of 1,500 terrorists have been found so far in southern Israel, reports The Times of Israel. The paper notes there will have also been hundreds more dead in Gaza as the IDF moves to defend itself against the massive terrorist attack.

Speaking earlier, Lt. Col. Hecht underlined the scale of the attack on Israel, telling Britain’s Sky News that: “this is the largest number of… Jews killed in one day since the Holocaust… it was a surprise attack… they started this. We have to put that in mind.”

The significant number of Hamas dead discovered inside Israeli territory underlines the degree to which the terrorist organisation deployed its fighters to attack Israel during Saturday’s strike, which also included a significant rocket barrage on Saturday morning. Hamas blew holes in border fences and inserted fighters by paraglider to attack concentrations of Israeli civilians, where they murdered indiscriminately, and took hostages.

Some of the worst massacres reported were at remote locations where Israeli residents were unable to defend themselves, including at a music festival where 260 were gunned down, and 100 killed at just one Kibbutz. Over 100 people are reported to have been taken captive by Hamas.

Those gaps in the border fences created to allow Hamas to attack Israel have now been plugged, the IDF says. Yet it is possible small numbers of Hamas terrorists remain at large in Israel’s territory, with small firefights taking place between IDF forces and terrorists overnight into Tuesday. The Times reports at least two suspected terrorists were killed overnight, some miles inside Israeli territory.


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