WATCH: Officer Revives Baby Who Stopped Breathing for Several Minutes

A police officer in Waynesboro, Georgia, is being hailed a hero after he saved a baby’s life January 18.

Bodycam footage showed the moment Waynesboro Police Department Sgt. Harold Drummond pulled up in a Dollar General store’s parking lot, where the baby’s distraught family was waiting, according to ABC 4.

Drummond, who was the first officer on the scene, exited his vehicle and rushed over to assist them.

“Hey, what ‘y’all got, man? Where’s the baby at?” he asked one of the family members.

“He’s right here,” the man said as a woman holding the 6-month-old baby boy, named AJ, ran over to the officer.

“Let me see,” Drummond told her as he took the child in his arms. He then returned to his squad car and placed AJ on top of the trunk and began administering CPR.

“Calm down, sweetie, calm down,” he told the distraught woman as she stood nearby.

Moments later, AJ started to breathe properly.

“Okay, you okay? There you go, that’s what we want,” Drummond said to the child as he cried.

AJ was suffering from a respiratory infection and was on his way to the hospital when he stopped breathing, so the family decided to pull over and call 911 for help, according to CBS News.

“He allowed God to use him to help us save the baby,” AJ’s mother, Angel Collins, said of Officer Drummond.

However, the policeman told reporters that he was “extremely nervous” during the entire incident, adding that he would “prefer to look down the barrel of a gun than to look down at a baby in distress.”

“When I looked down at that baby AJ, I looked down into my son’s face. I looked down into my grandson’s face,” he recalled.

Collins said if it had not been for Drummond’s calm under pressure, AJ’s twin sister might have lost her brother.

“I would just like to thank you,” she concluded.


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