VIDEO: Bar Owner Pulls over $3K Off Bar Walls, Gives to Staff Members in Need

A bar owner in Tybee Island, Georgia, is doing whatever it takes to help her staff make it through the current health crisis.

When the coronavirus pandemic forced the Sand Bar to shutter its doors recently, owner Jennifer Knox was concerned about the staff members who were now unemployed, according to CNN.

However, that was when she got the idea to use the money patrons had been tacking all over the establishment’s walls and ceilings for the past 15 years as a way to help them.

“We were sitting there doors locked and I’m like oh my gosh, ‘there’s money on the walls and we have time on our hands. We gotta get this money down,’” she recalled.

For the next three and a half days, five volunteers helped her take down the bills, remove the staples, and clean them up. When the task was completed, the total came to $3,714.

“I can’t just sit here and do nothing,” she said of their efforts, adding, “I’ll do what I can for my people.”

On Twitter Wednesday, CNN’s Amanda Jackson shared video footage of the bills stretched along the bar:

When word got out about Knox’s act of kindness, several customers chipped in, which enabled her to distribute a total of $4,104 to her staff members.

Four bartenders and two musicians were each given $600, according to Knox, and one of the bartenders donated her portion to another person in need.

Now, the bar’s owner is collecting donations via her Venmo account to continue helping the islanders who need it most.

“I’ve set up a Venmo account, not only for my employees and musicians, but any other service industry person on tybee that needs the help. If you are feeling called to donate, here’s how,” she wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday.

“100% is going to the people. We will get through this! And I can’t wait to sling some drinks for you all soon!!! Thank you, thank you!!!” Knox added.

Later, the owner said she hoped the pandemic would be over soon but for now will keep doing what she can for her community.

“We all look out for each other. We are all in this together,” Knox concluded.


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