VIDEO: Woman Raises Money for Veteran Who Took Delivery Job to Repair Roof

A woman in Utah recently recruited social media users to help an elderly man who took a delivery job to earn enough money for home repairs.

In a Facebook post on November 15, Jen Cantwell Weiss shared a video from her doorbell camera of a delivery driver struggling to make it up the steps of her house in Ogden to drop off groceries, according to ABC 7.

“I didn’t watch this video until after he was already gone, or else I would have gone out to help him,” she wrote.
Weiss then called on social media users to help her identify the man, adding that she and her friends tipped him $100.

“My friends and I would love to do more for him but I dont [sic] think I can get his name through Door Dash,” she explained.

When the man’s relative saw the post, he helped them get in touch and Weiss learned that the veteran, whose name is Larry, suffered a stroke this year and had to relearn how to walk.

“I had a stroke in June, so I was just making some extra money cuz’ our swamp cooler blew off our roof, we have a big hole, I got it taped up, needed some extra money to fix that,” Larry told ABC 4.

However, once Weiss posted his Venmo information online, “I think that the donations just started coming in like crazy,” she explained.

“It just blew up like crazy, there’s so many nice people around here,” Larry said of the community’s generosity.

Thanks to the donations, the veteran no longer has to keep the delivery job and has enough money to repair his home.

Now that Larry and his wife have everything they need, the couple is asking people to donate to Toys for Tots or their local food banks.

“He expresses his heartfelt gratitude for everything people have sent. You all are amazing,” Weiss wrote in an update on Facebook.


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