WATCH: Good Samaritan Stops on Interstate to Help Trooper Save Choking Girl

Florida Highway Patrol
Getty Images/atomimage

An intense rescue of a little girl was caught on dashcam footage recently in Florida’s Miami-Dade County.

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper pulled over along I-95 in El Portal while the parents, who had already stopped, were trying desperately to help the child, Local 10 reported Sunday.

However, that was the moment a Good Samaritan carrying an anti-choking device pulled over and also offered assistance.

In the video clip, several people were seen clustered on the side of the road as cars drove past. Moments later, the trooper rushed toward someone holding the child as they knelt on the ground.

When the trooper bent down over the child, a man wearing a pink shirt appeared to assist him.

“The relief on the faces of the girl’s parents was apparent as the trooper helped her catch her breath,” the Local 10 article said.

The video also showed the moment an ambulance left the scene with its lights flashing.

Local 10 reported the girl was transported to the hospital for evaluation and as of a last check, was doing well.

Choking is one of the common causes of injury and death in children, mostly because their small airways are easily obstructed, according to the Mayo Clinic’s website:

It takes time for babies to master the ability to chew and swallow food, and babies might not be able to cough forcefully enough to dislodge an airway obstruction. As babies explore their environments, they also commonly put objects into their mouths — which can lead to infant choking.

Sometimes health conditions increase the risk of choking as well. Children who have swallowing disorders, neuromuscular disorders, developmental delays and traumatic brain injuries, for example, have a higher risk of choking than do other children.

Although food is the most common cause when it comes to infant choking, small objects and some behaviors such as consuming food while distracted can also cause it, the site concluded.


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