Poll: Strong Majority Say Biden’s Border Is Open

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 01: Dozens of recently arrived migrants to New York City camp outside of the Roosevelt Hotel, which has been made into a reception center, as they try to secure temporary housing on August 01, 2023 in New York City. The migrants, many from Central …
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A strong majority of swing-voting independents say the southern border is open and the border laws are unenforced, according to a Harvard Harris poll.

Overall, 56 percent of 2,103 registered voters told the pollsters that the southern border is ” largely open and laws are unenforced.” The majority includes 78 percent of Republicans, 57 percent of independents, and even 36 percent of Democrats.

A majority 53 percent of Democrats also said that “Illegal immigration to the United States [is] getting … worse,” not better. The “worse” response was delivered by 71 percent of all 2,103 respondents, including 88 percent of the Republicans and 74 percent of the independents.

The September 12-14 survey was conducted by The Harris Poll and HarrisX.


Since October 2022, roughly four million illegal migrants have crossed the southern border. That inflow adds up to roughly one illegal migrant for every American birth.

The illegal inflow is in addition to the inflow of roughly two million temporary workers, refugees, and legal immigrants during the same year.

The wave of workers, consumers, and renters has helped suppress Americans’ wages, spike their rents, and shift wealth from interior states to coastal states.

The poll responses are important because the poll also showed immigration to be the third-ranked issue at 24 percent, just behind the related issues of jobs at 27 percent and inflation at 33 percent.

Immigration is the top-ranked issue for 19 percent of Republicans and nine percent of independents.

Biden’s approval rating on immigration is just 36 percent, and “Bidenomics” is opposed by 89 percent of Republicans and 70 percent of independents.

Despite Biden’s poor numbers on migration, the donor-funded GOP leaders are not trying to win more swing voters by spotlighting the pocketbook damage of migration.

Instead, GOP leaders — and Fox News — spotlight the related non-pocketbook issues of border chaos, crime, and drug smuggling. Similarly, donor-backed GOP leaders in the Senate did nothing during the September budget fight to help House GOP leaders block Biden’s migration.

GOP leaders are also quiet about the demographic impact of the federal government’s mass immigration policy.

“We’re going to be — very shortly — a minority-white European country, and sometimes my [Democrat] colleagues don’t speak enough to make it clear that that is not going to change how we operate,” Biden told the progressive billionaire-funded ProPublica website.

Democrats should treat white Americans with respect, as they and their children quickly become a racial minority in their own nation, Biden insisted in the October article, saying:

It’s not so much the economic benefits; it is treating them with respect, treating them with respect. … The Democratic Party in the past has — on occasion — spoken less to their needs and fears or concerns.

Current polls show mainstreamplurality, or majority opposition to the federal policy of mass migration that has helped suppress incomes for most Americans since at least 1990.

That opposition is rising quickly because Biden has deliberately accelerated the wealth-shifting and population-replacing inflow into Americans’ workplaces, schools, housing, and politics.

In August 2022, a 54 percent majority of Americans said Biden is allowing a southern border invasion, according to a poll commissioned by the left-of-center National Public Radio (NPR). The 54 percent “invasion” majority included 76 percent of Republicans, 46 percent of independents, and even 40 percent of Democrats.


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