New Jersey Democrat Mayor Blasted for Saying Migrants ‘Not Welcome Here’

PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images

As Joe Biden’s border crisis continues to negatively impact America, Democrats are beginning to turn against the president for his failed immigration policies. And one Democrat mayor in New Jersey is taking heat for turning completely against Biden’s tidal wave of illegal border crossers.

Sam Joshi, the Democrat mayor of Edison, New Jersey, seems to have had enough, but he is taking criticism for his comments about the growing migrant problem, particularly when he said he wanted to “make it clear that our position in Edison township is that they’re not welcome here.”

“They’re illegal, and they belong on the other side of the border. We don’t want them in Edison, period. That’s the bottom line,” he said, according to the New Jersey Monitor. He added that he plans to order his police to bus the migrants back to “the other side of the border.”

In response to the criticism, Joshi told Newsweek that as a “son of immigrants,” he “understands this issue very well.”

“Edison has a large immigrant population and the overwhelming majority of Edison residents, most notably the immigrant community, support my position and I’m proud to represent their best interests,” Joshi said in his note to the magazine.

Migrants board a city bus to a shelter intake center after traveling on a bus from Del Rio, Texas, at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York on Saturday, May 13, 2023. (Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The Democrat was spurred to his comments after a busload of illegal aliens were dropped off in his city and boarded a train to continue their travels into New York City.

Joshi says that the immigrant problem needs to be handled by the federal government, and he has no role or responsibility for it.

“Edison does not have the financial or social service resources required,” Joshi said of dealing with homeless illegal immigrants. “We cannot afford to put them in long-term hotel stays or provide housing or educational services to our already overcrowded schools.”

Polls show that Americans are increasingly turning against the crisis that Joe Biden has created.

A Jan. 5 YouGov/CBS News poll found that, while Democrats still support the idea of illegal aliens being housed at the expense of local authorities, independents and Republicans stand in stark opposition to the idea.

The poll found that 72 percent of Democrats support “a plan to try and find temporary housing and social services for migrants in the city or town where you live.” But only 23 percent of Republicans agree with that plan. Worse for Democrats, only 38 percent of independents support the local housing of illegal immigrants.

The racial breakdown is also telling. Unsurprisingly, 60 percent of white people oppose housing illegal immigrants locally. But 50 percent of black citizens oppose it, and even 47 percent of Hispanics oppose the idea of housing illegal aliens locally.

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