Exclusive: Sen. J.D. Vance Spotlights Neighborhood Damage from Joe Biden’s Border Crisis

J.D. Vance
Matt Perdie/Breitbart News

President Joe Biden’s migration burdens citizens’ public safety, hospitals, schools, and housing, Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview.

Vance is warning that Biden’s border crisis and his flood of millions of unvetted illegal aliens have farther-reaching consequences than most people imagine.

In the exclusive interview — conducted during June’s Turning Point Action People’s Convention in Detroit, Michigan — Vance warned that Biden’s migrants are not just a problem for U.S. Border Patrol. They also put heavy burdens on public safety, hospitals, schools, and even housing for the lower and middle classes.

Vance argued that Democrats’ strategy of attacking Americans who are worried about the tidal wave of migrants is a key reason many working middle-class voters are turning toward former President Donald Trump.

“The thing that the Democrats have really doubled down on is this idea that if you want a border, if you don’t think you should have 20 million illegal aliens in this country, then you’re a racist,” Vance told Breitbart News. “People just don’t buy it. They’re sick of being called dirty names because they just want to live in a safe and stable community.”

Vance, who is rumored to be on Trump’s short list of potential running mates, pointed out that many Americans under-appreciate the effects untrammeled migration has on the healthcare system, the school system, and housing prices.

“Also, on the immigration issue, there are some sleeper elements to this that people don’t appreciate,” Vance said. “I think Trump sort of gets it in an instinctual way, but most political consultants don’t. ”

“Hospital wait times have gone through the roof. Why have they gone through the roof? Because illegal immigrants primarily use emergency rooms in hospitals to get access to hospital services. That’s not okay,” the Ohioan explained.

In April, a report found that illegal aliens cost Florida upwards of $566 million during the first four months of 2024 alone. The report came after the state implemented a law forcing hospitals to reveal to the public the costs of delivering free care to migrants who have no insurance and cannot pay their bills.

The same problem, though, is being experienced in every state, which would mean that at least five billion dollars are being spent on indigent migrants each year by hospitals all across the U.S. This is money not being spent on legal citizens.

Vance then pivoted to the U.S.’s overburdened system of education.

“Schools, right? I talk to people in rural school districts all the time where they’re dealing with kids who are struggling in various ways: their parents lost a job, you’ve got the drug epidemic, and then, all of a sudden, eight illegal immigrants show up in their community,” the senator continued. “Nobody speaks Spanish in their school, the illegal aliens don’t speak English, and now they have to figure out how to give those kids a good education at the same time while they’re servicing a lot of kids who are already struggling who have the legal right to be here. So this is just crazy.”

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Randy Clark / Breitbart

In May, the Wall Street Journal reported that the children of millions of immigrants are being dumped into struggling U.S. schools every year, causing cities and states to pony up untold millions in extra costs for the staffing, training, and expansion of social services for children who have little to no previous education and often cannot speak any English.

Wave after wave of migrants has forced Denver and other Colorado communities to transform schools into welfare agencies, as tens of thousands of children of illegal border crossers flood into the state’s schools, where they get free food, clothing, shoes, health care, and education at taxpayers’ expense.

Trump recently highlighted this issue when, at the end of May, he asked:

Who on earth can want open borders, where people are allowed to pour in from countries unknown, from places unknown, from languages that we don’t even, that we haven’t even heard of? We have people sitting in schools with languages where very few people have ever even heard of these languages.

“It’s not like Spanish or French or Russian — languages unknown,” he continued.

“We have people coming from corners of the globe, and many of them are not good people. Many terrorists, record levels of terrorism, record levels of terrorists have come into our country, record. They’ve never seen anything like it.”

Vance concluded his discussion of the effects of immigration by focusing on the skyrocketing costs of rent and mortgages, a problem driving many Americans out of being able to own a home.

“There are all of these ways in which the immigration problem is putting stresses on, and the final thing I’d say here is if you can’t afford a home because home prices are through the roof, you can thank the fact that Biden has let in 20 million people who are competing with you for residences and houses,” Vance concluded. “That puts upward pressure on all the stuff middle-class people need, and houses are at the very top.”

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