Cuba Protesters at White House: Joe Biden ‘Has the Power to Stop This in One Day’

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

A group of protesters urging American action to protect the lives of thousands of Cubans who began protesting peacefully against the regime this week across the island told Breitbart News on Thursday that the communist regime has launched a “civil war” and “genocide” against those seeking freedom.

While Cuba has seen a growing number of peaceful assemblies against the ruling Castro regime in the past decade, the scale of the protests that began on Sunday – spanning over 60 municipalities from one tip of the island to the other – is a dramatic escalation from what the country has experienced in recent memory. The scale of the repression on the part of the regime has also grown. President Miguel Díaz-Canel, the figurehead of the ruling Castro dynasty, issued an “order of combat” on Sunday demanding that civilian “revolutionaries” take the streets and violently assault anyone suspected of protesting against the regime. The regime shut down most access to the internet, but videos smuggled out of the country later this week show buses full of armed civilians driving into some of the cities with the largest presence of dissidents, apparently on orders to attack protesters.

Members of the Cuban exile community organized a protest in front of the White House on Thursday both to demand that President Joe Biden act to save lives in the country and to raise awareness for the scope of the violence their brethren in the country are facing at the hands of their state. The protesters were adamant that reports in left-wing establishment media outlets attributing the protests to a rise in Chinese coronavirus cases were deliberately obscuring the true demands of those taking the streets.

“They are not asking for food – that they need it – they are not asking for medicine – that they need it, too – they are not even asking for medical attention, that they need it. They are asking for freedom,” one woman at the event told Breitbart News.

“People in Cuba are tired of being repressed by the regime, the government. It’s 62 years of repression, people going to jail just for saying ‘freedom of speech,'” another protester said. “In Cuba there is no freedom of speech. … They don’t need food – well, they need it, but they’re not fighting for that.”

Both protesters emphasized the many reports that the Castro regime is forcing civilians, including minors, to violently assault fellow citizens – and the fact that protesters cannot defend themselves because Cubans do not have the right to bear arms under the Communist Party.

The attacks, the female protester said, are “against people without any weapons because we have no weapons over there – it’s not like here where you can go and buy a gun or whatever you want.”

“Over there, there’s no weapons. And these people are shooting our people, our mothers, our brothers, our children. They’re killing kids,” she lamented.

The man accompanying her at the protest noted reports that the regime is sending police “inside people’s homes and taking kids, underaged, and mak[ing] them go fight against their own people.” The protester demanded not military intervention by the Untied States, but a decree by President Biden that would allow Cubans in the United States to travel to the island and defend the protesters.

“We’re going to do it. If you don’t want to do it, no military intervention, we’re going to do it,” he asserted.

“He [Biden] has the power to stop this in one day,” the female protester said. “We are asking for humanitarian intervention. If he doesn’t want to do it or can’t do it, at least let us go inside and help our people over there.”

A third protester noted unconfirmed reports that some of the uniformed officers attacking protesters appeared to clearly possess accents that were not Cuban, potentially indicating the importing of Venezuelan troops to repress Cuban people. Late dictator Hugo Chávez and successor Nicolás Maduro orchestrated the colonization of the oil-rich country under the Castro regime; as of 2017, reports indicated that nearly 100,000 Cuban government agents were in Venezuela helping repress protesters and run the socialist regime. Maduro offered the Cuban regime “all the support” possible in public remarks on Monday.

“We are here because we know America doesn’t really know what is going on with our people,” one of the protesters explained. “America needs to know that 90 miles from the United States, there is a genocide … this administration has the power to stop a genocide right now and they are not doing nothing [sic], just talking and talking.”

“They’re pulling the teenagers and bringing them to the street to fight people that are still on the street,” she explained. “It’s not two or three against them – it’s like maybe ten people inside your house getting your husband and killing him in front of your children … this is a genocide.”

The protesters repeatedly referenced a video surfacing from Cárdenas, northwestern Cuba, this week of a home invasion by Cuban “black berets,” or police special forces. The video appears to show an officer break into the home with an attack dog and shoot a man in his living room, in front of his wife – who can be heard screaming in the video – and their twin two-year-old sons. Reporters later identified the man as Daniel Cárdenas Díaz. His wife, Marbely Vásquez, told Miami’s El Nuevo Herald that her husband marched peacefully on Sunday, which apparently prompted a mob of plain-clothed police and armed civilians to beat him in his own home, causing most of the large pool of blood seen in the video. The officer then came in and shot him, taking him away to a police station. Cárdenas’ health status is unknown at press time.


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