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Report: Cuba Using 2021 Protests to Abuse Children, Seniors, Disabled

An extensive report published Thursday by the human rights organization Prisoners Defenders documented in detail the abuse of Cuban political prisoners following the nationwide protests on July 11, 2021, including torture and arbitrary detention of children, infirm seniors, and persons with documented mental illness.

People take part in a demonstration against the government of Cuban President Miguel Diaz-

Defecting Cuban Soldiers Call for Military to Reject Communist Regime

A group of former Cuban military officials who defected from the communist regime called on active servicemen and other agents of the state to refuse to follow orders to repress their countrymen, the Cuban independent outlet 14 y Medio reported on Monday following violent attacks on unarmed civilians this weekend in Camagüey.

Cuba Military Parade Soldiers parade through Revolution Square in honor of late Cuban lead

Cuba: Hundreds Take to the Streets to Protest Near-Daily Blackouts

Hundreds of people took to the streets of western Pinar del Río, Cuba, on Thursday night to protest routine blackouts that have made life impossible for much of the island – the same night a separate crowd formed in Havana after a homeless woman and her daughters reportedly blocked traffic to protest their eviction.

A man lights a candle during a blackout in Havana, on May 25, 2022. - The main thermoelect

Report: Cuba Experienced over 200 Protests in March

Protesters convened 232 assemblies against the Communist Party in Cuba throughout March, over half of them specifically demanding an end to the repression of civil and political rights, the Cuban Observatory of Conflict (OCC) revealed in a report on Monday.

TOPSHOT - A man is arrested during a demonstration against the government of Cuban Preside