Inauguration Protesters Light Fire in Street, Throw Embers at Police


Rioters objecting to the inauguration of President Donald Trump as America’s 45th chief executive have begun to burn waste canisters and newspaper dispensers, tossing the embers at police, according to a reporter on the ground.

Voice of America correspondent Steve Herman posted an image on Twitter showing rioters encircling a street fire, saying that he had witnessed rioters picking up embers and throwing them at police, prompting authorities to call for backup from the DC fire department.

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Anti-Trump protest fire on K St.

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Rioters have also begun blocking major Washington roads to express their opposition to President Barack Obama handing the office over to the winner of the 2016 presidential election.

Police have confirmed at least 95 arrests of violent rioters throughout Washington, D.C. today, and at least two police have been injured while attempting to maintain the peace. Protesters have told reporters their acts of vandalism and destruction of property are a stand against “sexism, Islamophobia… bigotry and nationalism.”

President Trump took his oath of office at noon on Friday, and has since signed a number of perfunctory executive orders and delivered his inaugural address.


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