Income Inequality Protestors Target Google Exec's Home

Income Inequality Protestors Target Google Exec's Home

Income inequality protestors marched to the home of Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose on Sunday with flyers and a banner branding Rose a “parasite” capitalist who has “ravaged the landscapes of San Francisco and Oakland.”

Rose posted a picture of the flyer, which contains graphic language, on his personal Instagram account.

“With each new tech corporation comes a wave of fresh techies, who on average earn four times more than a normal service worker,” reads the flyer. “We are the ones who serve them coffee, deliver them food, suck their c*cks, watch their kids, and mop their floors. Nearly all of them are just like Kevin Rose and we are tired of this miserable and untenable situation.”

Class warfare battles have escalated in recent months as left-wing protestors have held Occupy Wall Street-style protests at Google bus stops to protest rising home prices and unwelcome gentrification due to the influx of high paid Silicon Valley talent.

In a Sunday tweet, Rose wrote, “That said, I did agree w/ them that we need to solve rising rents, keep the SF culture, and crack down on landlords booting folks out.”

TechCrunch notes that earlier this year another Google employee’s home was the target of another protest.

The high tech home protests come as President Barack Obama and Democrats have made “income inequality” a central issue of the Nov. 4 midterm elections.  A new book by two MIT professors titled The Second Machine Age says income inequality’s “main driver” is actually Silicon Valley and “the technology that undergirds our economic system” that allows high tech entrepreneurs to achieve massive financial gains at unprecedented speeds.

Google employees are among Obama’s top campaign donors, contributing $814,540 in 2008 and $801,770 in 2012.

Obama calls income inequality “the defining challenge our time.”

Image: Instagram