Student Activists Launch

Student Activists Launch

Adding to the anti-Semitic rapper’s already surmounting problems, a group of student labor activists have just launched to protest Macklemore’s ties to T-Mobile CEO John Legree. The Verge reports that this student group believes that all of T-Mobile’s call centers are “electronic sweatshops”:  

The site itself is fairly bare-bones; just a litany of complaints made against T-Mobile, a call for people to get involved, and a photo of a certain wistful-looking Grammy winner. But to get people’s attention, the site uses the meme of Macklemore’s missteps to advance a cause that might otherwise be ignored.

Earlier this week, Macklemore took to his blog to defend a costume he wore during a performance in Seattle late last week. Dressed in clothes and a mask that portrayed the very worst Jewish stereotypes, Macklemore claimed it was all innocent and he was misunderstood.


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