Illegal Alien Buses, Turned Back at Murrieta, Arrive In Chula Vista

Illegal Alien Buses, Turned Back at Murrieta, Arrive In Chula Vista

Three buses carrying 140 illegal aliens arrived at the Chula Vista Border Patrol Station on Tuesday afternoon, after angry protests by citizens in the town of Murrieta forced the buses to turn away.

According to San Diego 6, the buses mostly held women and children from Central America, who entered the station through a fenced-in entrance. Border Patrol Agents Union representative Ron Zermeno called the developments “disturbing.”

“They’re not deporting them,” he told San Diego 6. “They’re transporting them here to be processed and to be released into the communities. A lot of people don’t know where to go. They have nowhere to go.”

The Washington Examiner reported last week that 90% of illegal aliens ignore court orders to appear for immigration hearings, yet they continue to be processed and simply released into communities.

Zermeno also told San Diego 6 that several of the children at the station were carrying diseases. Three or four children were reportedly taken to Rady’s Children’s Hospital on Tuesday night, although details of the hospital visits or what diseases the children may have were not immediately available.

Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) on Wednesday called for the immediate detainment and deportation of illegal aliens coming from Central America.

“If we don’t detain and immediately remove them…then they’re going to keep coming,” Cuellar told Kristin Tate of Breitbart Texas.. “Yes, [in Central America] there are economic situations, high murder rates, and crime. But the other factor is that they’re realizing, ‘Hey, if you come to the U.S. with kids, they’re going to give you a notice to appear. And with that you can get on a bus and just travel.’ And that’s exactly what’s happening right now.”

Two more plane loads of at least 140 illegal aliens each are scheduled to arrive in San Diego by the end of the week, according to San Diego 6.

Photo: Patrice Lynes at Murrieta


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