Politically Outspoken Hollywood Cowers In Silence for Israel

Politically Outspoken Hollywood Cowers In Silence for Israel

Over the years I’ve seen Hollywood openly  come out en masse to support Roman Polanski, a man who drugged, raped, and sodomized a 13 year-old girl before fleeing from justice. When it comes to openly supporting Israel, however, The Hollywood Reporter says that Hollywood is choosing to cower in silence as the small, outnumbered Jewish country fights for the right of its citizens not to be bombarded with thousands of rockets fired by Hamas terrorists from Gaza.

“What would happen if three missiles were shot into Texas from Mexico?” speculates one top talent agent who asked not to be named. “There would be a full-scale war. It’s amazing Israel is using so much restraint.” A leading studio executive, who also asked not to be named, tells THR: “Israel didn’t start this conflict, but what are they supposed to do when they’re being attacked? They have a right to defend themselves.”

While these sentiments are strong and widely shared, few will discuss them on the record. Israel-raised billionaire mogul Haim Saban, whose largesse to Democratic candidates is contingent on support for Israel, was asked for comment on pro-Palestinian tweets by pop diva Rihanna and NBA star Dwight Howard. He produced a statement so strong that it was sent to his publicist for review, who then opted for Saban not to comment at all.

Apparently “Never Again” comes with an asterisk that reads: “Unless it might damage your career.” 


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