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Oakland Protesters, Dockworkers Stop Israeli Ship From Unloading

Oakland Protesters, Dockworkers Stop Israeli Ship From Unloading

For the second time in just weeks, hundreds of anti-Israel activists attempted to stop the Port of Oakland from unloading a duly-contracted and docked Israeli ship on Saturday. 

The ship, the Zim Shanghai, is 32 percent owned by Israeli shareholders. Conceding to the activists, dockworkers refused to unload it, despite the presence of 50 police officers, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Consul General for Israel in San Francisco Andy David complained that the union was working with the protesters. “That type of cooperation doesn’t happen anywhere else,” he said.

According to Steve Zeltzer, organizer of the Stop Zim Action Committee, the goal was to punish Israel for its defensive action in the Gaza Strip against the terrorist group Hamas. “I think it was a big victory today for those who are opposed to the police of Israel in Gaza,” Zeltzer said, according to the Chronicle.

In August, the protesters delayed the Zim Piraeus from unloading, although the ship was eventually unloaded.

Photo: File/Twitter


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