San Diegans Join in Planned Ferguson Protests, Attempt to Block Freeway

San Diegans Join in Planned Ferguson Protests, Attempt to Block Freeway

San Diego demonstrators joined in nationwide “planned responses” Tuesday associated with protests in Ferguson, Missouri. Demonstrators temporarily blocked the 15 freeway one of the city’s main arteries. In addition, protests at City Heights and the Federal Building were outlined on the mysterious Ferguson National Response Network prolific list of planned coast-to-coast protests.

Ferguson National Response Network posted the planned protests posted on its Tumblr webpage for San Diego, along with many others throughout the nation, in the days following the highly anticipated decision by a grand jury in the shooting death of Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer.

As detailed in the posting for the San Diego FNRN protest, one demonstration occurred in the City Heights area on the “day after announcement” of the grand jury decision. It also started near the “Performance Annex” as listed in the posting. The second San Diego protests occurred at the US Federal Building as detailed in the FNRN posting.

The City Heights protestors marched up onto the I-15, briefly blocking freeway traffic, according to San Diego 10 News. 

The 10 News report connected the City Heights protest to an organization called United Against Police Terror San Diego. The organization’s website appeared to post a planned protest for the day of the Ferguson decision.

In addition, Occupy San Diego shared a video post on their Facebook page with the comment, “So we shut down I-15 last night in San Diego for #FergusonSolidarityTonight same time 6pm city heights, corner of fairmont and Wightman.”

According to 10 News, a protest also occurred earlier in the day at San Diego State University.

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