Soros and Dems Sponsored Prison Reduction Law Increases Crime Rate

Soros and Dems Sponsored Prison Reduction Law Increases Crime Rate

A recently passed California initiative, endorsed by the state’s Democratic party, the ACLU, and George Soros, is responsible for an increase in Fresno crime figures, according to Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Wednesday Dyer criticized Proposition 47–which reduces or eliminates prison time for certain drug and stolen property crimes–while speaking to some of his officers regarding the gang related shooting of a 16-year-old girl. Dyer said that the law, approved by voters in November, was a “significant downfall for folks in California. We don’t make laws, but this has made our job more difficult.”

According to figures released by the Fresno Police and reported on by the Fresno Bee, aggravated assault is up 9.9% since the law went into effect. Burglary is up by a whopping 30.7% in the same period. The recent uptick in crime puts a sad note on a year that up until the passage of 47 saw a decrease in crime in most categories. 

Sgt. Tim Tietjen of the department’s Career Criminal Auto Theft Team said that the city was averaging about seven car thefts a day before Proposition 47 was voted in and now it is up 10 per day.

Dyer finds it ironic and wrong that the nation is more preoccupied with police officer behavior than trying to alleviate crime.

“It’s unfortunate (that there is) a focus on police misconduct at a time when people are shooting one another. That’s where the focus should be,” he said.

The Sacramento Bee reported in September that left-wing billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Policy Center donated $1.2 million to the Yes-on-47 campaign, and long has supported reduced drug penalties and legalization.


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