More #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Arrested for Blocking Local Highway

Salinas #BlackLivesMatter protest (Screenshot / KSBW)
Screenshot / KSBW

Protesters are still intent on keeping the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement going strong, taking their demonstrations to California’s Central Coast region.. This Saturday, eight protesters were arrested after they blocked all four lanes of a Highway 1 and walked towards oncoming traffic in Monterey, California.

The Monterey Police Department were reportedly forced to shut the highway down for 45 minutes and only arrested the eight after they refused to leave, despite warnings from authorities. “We gave several dispersement warnings, we asked them then individually please leave, or you are going to get arrested, and eight people chose to stay,” Lieutenant Jeff Jackson said, according to the local CBS News affiliate in Monterey and Salinas KION.

The protests began with 50 people at the local wharf before 30 embarked on the march to shut down the scenic highway.

One protester, Evelyn Gomez, told KION that while she backed off after the first police warning, she still had a message for police officers. “We wanted to make an impact. we wanted people to know what is going on in Salinas, especially in Ferguson,” Gomez told KION in reference to four fatal shootings in Salinas during 2014 and the shooting death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in August of that same year.

The eight people arrested reportedly included four men and four women, each of whom faces five misdemeanor charges, including obstructing a public roadway and disobeying a lawful order by police.

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