California Bill Would Mandate Positive Sex Ed Spin on AIDS Epidemic


The Pacific Justice institute warned parents of children in California schools that new legislation progressing through the California State Assembly will force schools to put a positive spin on the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Pupil Instruction: Sexual Health Education,” or AB 329, introduced by Assemblymember Shirley N. Weber (D-San Diego) on February 15 would make a number of changes to sex education, including de-emphasizing the role of parents and the importance of marriage, while no longer giving school districts a choice whether to teach sex education.

This bill is a liberal grab-bag for the state to control of all the “appropriate” language regarding discussions of sex and human values. It expresses the intent of the legislature to “enact legislation that would review and update the current sexual health education curriculum that is provided to pupils in schools to reflect the advances in age-appropriate sexual health instruction, including, but not limited to, healthy relationships and dating violence.”

The provision that Pacific Justice asked parents to pay particular attention to is a mandate that schools de-emphasize the devastating effects of HIV and AIDS. Section 8 of The bill would require schools to teach “grades 7 to 12”:

“(6) Information about the treatment of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, including how antiretroviral therapy can dramatically prolong the lives of many people living with HIV and reduce the likelihood of transmitting HIV to others.”

“(7) Discussion about social views on HIV and AIDS, including addressing unfounded stereotypes and myths regarding HIV and AIDS and people living with HIV. This instruction shall emphasize that successfully treated HIV-positive individuals have a normal life expectancy, all people are at some risk of contracting HIV, and the only way to know if one is HIV-positive is to get tested.”

The Assembly Education Committee on April 22 passed AB 329 on a 6-1 vote. The bill is now in the Appropriations Committee, where it is expected to pass.

Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) states that they have “worked with many parents over the years to battle a range of objectionable sex ed materials.”

PJI attorneys last year successfully represented parents in Fremont, California in preventing the adoption of a “textbook that discussed bondage.” The book was so explicit that school officials were required to turn off internet pornography filters for the electronic version of the textbook to be accessible to students as young as 13.

PJI is currently working with a large group parents in Acalanes Union High School District in Lafayette, California, where 14-year-old students were taught by consultants from Planned Parenthood that reportedly included a self-described “pleasure activist,” and reportedly gave out 9th graders “sex checklists” and handouts encouraging them to ask each other intimate questions like, “Can I take my pants off?”

Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute, commented about AB 329, “Just when we thought it couldn’t get much worse, California lawmakers are coming up with new ways to push parents aside and lead students down risky paths.  We absolutely must extend compassion toward those suffering from HIV and AIDS.  At the same time, we absolutely cannot afford to send our kids mixed messages about the dangers of these deadly diseases.”

PJI encourages concerned California citizens to call their elected Assembly member and request that they vote against AB 329.


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