High School Apologizes for Excluding Cross-dressing Girl from Yearbook

Crystal Cumplido Yearbook (Facebook / Fox 40)
Facebook / Fox 40

A Stockton high school has stated that it is willing to republish the school’s entire yearbook because a female student challenged the school’s dress policy for her senior portrait, prompting her exclusion from the yearbook. Crystal Cumplido, a senior at Lincoln High School, decided she would not comply with the school’s guidelines for the picture and wore a black tuxedo with a red tie instead of a dress, as reported by the local Fox affiliate.

The yearbook was published without her picture, Cumplido told Fox 40, because of her chosen attire. She complained, “It’s like I didn’t even exist in Lincoln…I was angry, I was frustrated. I just wanted to know why, you know.” Cumplido claimed that when she approached school administrators, the assistant principal explained the school policy to her: “He told me that I wasn’t following policy. That girls are supposed to wear the black, little shirt over whatever.”

Cumplido wants her copy and the library’s copy of the yearbook to be republished. Tom Uslan, the superintendent for the Lincoln Unified School District, told Fox 40, “I believe that they have been wronged in this situation and we will do everything possible to protect this student.” He said the school is willing to republish the entire school yearbook.

Another student, Mari Champagne, also claimed she had been excluded from the yearbook. After Fox 40 reported the story regarding Cumplido, Uslan called Champagne’s mother, Susan Kirkgaard, informing her that the school would make amends.

He told Fox 40, “This is a learning opportunity to address all the discrimination that these kids feel … I sincerely apologize to anyone who has been adversely affected by this.”

Photo: Fox 40 News / Facebook


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